WTCF predicts 9.5 billion global tourists in 2021

A report on world tourism trends by the World Tourism Cities Federation predicts that, in 2021, there will be 9.5 billion global tourists; with a growth of 31% compared to 2020 overwhelmed by the pandemic. As some medical tourism tends to mirror travel trends, this is good news for medical travel.

The report predicts revenue will recover to US$4.50 trillion, an increase of 54% on 2020. Domestic tourism in each country will contribute most of that.

WTCF’s World Tourism Economy Trends (2021) is an analysis of world tourism economic trends.  It assesses changes to regional and developmental patterns, characteristics of 20 major countries, developmental trends of key industries and strategies for recovery of global cities, from a multitude of national, industrial, and municipal perspectives.

It found that in 2020, when most countries and regions put a ban on travel, the number of trips (both domestic and international) made around the world dropped by 41% to 7.278 million in 2020.

It suggests that though the global epidemic is not under control, the improvements in vaccinations around the world bring optimism, in addition to global tourism showing gradual signs of recovery.

The WTCF and the Tourism Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences jointly conducted the research.