Mayo Oxford partnership appoints core medical team

L to R: Dr Kevin Fleming, Dr Sandeep Kapur, Dr Robert Orford, Dr Stephen Cassivi, Dr Sihame Benmira

Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic has appointed four specialist doctors to form the core medical team at its new preventative health facility, due to open in London’s Harley Street district this summer.

Dr Robert Orford and Dr Kevin Fleming, both from the Mayo Clinic in the US, and UK based physicians Dr Sihame Benmira and Dr Sandeep Kapur will join recently appointed medical director Dr Stephen Cassivi – a thoracic surgeon and vice chair of the department of surgery at Mayo Clinic.

The clinic in Portland Place will provide bespoke screening and diagnostic services tailored for individuals and corporate clients. Patients will have a dedicated clinician who coordinates all aspects of the service to ensure a seamless journey.

All four physicians will be salaried rather than engaged on a fee for service basis. Dr Offord is currently director of the executive healthcare programme at Mayo Clinic while Dr Fleming is an executive health programme consultant and an expert in stress-related conditions. Dr Benmira specialises in workforce transformation and emergency medicine and Dr Kapur is a GP with more than 15 years’ experience in primary care.

Clients at the new clinic will also have access to an international network of medical experts from across Mayo Clinic and Oxford University Clinic.

Commenting on the opening, Dr Cassivi said: ‘Our exceptional new team of physicians will act as the integral force of the clinic, driving its commitment to excellence and delivering a truly unique service to everyone who walks through its doors. Selected for their passion for preventative medicine and specialised expertise, each of the four clinicians contribute a unique set of experiences to our clinic. I am thrilled to have these four highly specialised doctors at the heart of this exciting new project and look forward to the clinic doors opening in the summer.’