New rehab centre to offer ‘affordable’ addiction programme

A new, day-care rehab centre for people with drug and alcohol addiction is launching in West London, with plans to roll out further sites across the UK.

Help Me Stop says it will offer an affordable alternative to expensive residential rehab for self-pay customers. The first site in Acton is due to open in July but the centre, which bases its treatment on a US model, is currently taking referrals and running pre-treatment therapy groups.

The so-called ‘dayhab programme’ is adapted from an intensive outpatient treatment model pioneered in the US and offers patients a five-week, 160-hour programme for just £2,500.

The programme is based on the model used at Twin Town dayhab centre, which has five units in Los Angeles, and follows World Health Organisation guidelines for addiction treatment, combining cognitive behavioural and person-centred therapy with a 12-Step approach. Treatment is delivered by experienced British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) therapists, all of whom are in long-term recovery themselves.

Clinical director Chip Somers said: ‘Current treatment options open to those with alcohol or drug problems are woefully limited. Local authority services are virtually non-existent, while vastly expensive residential rehab facilities are out of reach for most. It’s shocking that less than 3% of people seeking help for alcohol or drug issues currently receive the treatment they need.’

The company plans to open further centres across London and the South East over the next two years.

Founder and CEO Tim Smith said: ‘Collaboration is a hugely important part of our philosophy. Early conversations with professionals suggest demand for treatment overwhelmingly outstrips supply, and our aim is to provide an easily accessible facility that can work in close co-operation with other professional services. Far too many people are in desperate need of help but simply don’t know where to turn.’