Parkside Hospital launches long-Covid service

Aspen Healthcare’s Parkside Private Hospital in Wimbledon has launched a post-Covid service for patients suffering the long-term effects of infection.

The service, which is offered to patients who have had symptoms for more than four weeks, includes an extended appointment with a specialist private GP, scans and onward referral of needed.

Symptoms of so-called ‘Long-Covid’ include fatigue, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and joint pain.  

Led by a network of specialist private GPs, the service provides a holistic assessment, tailored to patients’ specific symptoms and designed to rule out acute or life-threatening conditions.

Parkside hospital director Phil Bates said: ‘We know it is vital that people with on-going Covid symptoms get the support they need. Our new post-Covid service will help to assess these symptoms, and put poorly patients in the hands of trusted experts who can help to provide a diagnosis and a way forward. With Parkside also home to more than 300 consultants across a range of medical specialties, our hospital is fully equipped to assess, diagnose and then refer patients to high-quality services all under one roof.

Assessments include a comprehensive clinical history and examination, including lifestyle and mental health review, blood pressure and oxygen saturation check, physical examination and ECG. Patients will also be offered a comprehensive panel of blood tests and scans if required.

Following consultation, patients will be provided with a detailed report outlining test results and clinical recommendations. Those requiring further investigation or specialist care can be referred to Parkside’s physiotherapy team or specialist consultants.

A number of independent hospital providers, including Bupa Cromwell, Nuffield and HCA, have now introduced services for patients suffering the long-term effects of Covid-19. Insurers too have begun launching Covid support packages for members. In April, AXA Health introduced online and telephone consultations for members referred by a GP or occupational therapist for symptoms of Long-Covid.