Phoenix Hospital launches early cancer detection service

Phoenix Hospital Group has announced plans to launch a full-body cancer screening imaging service at its Harley Street site.  

The ‘Advanced Cancer Screening’ service is designed to help detect cancer in the early stages using a new method of MRI scanning known as whole body-diffusion weighted imaging (WB-DWI).

The technology is used to scan areas not normally screened for, such as the bladder, kidney, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, liver and pancreas. The whole process can be completed in just 45 minutes and enables radiologists to detect cancer lesions small enough to provide an effective early diagnosis. 

Phoenix Hospital’s Professor Anwar Padhani said: ‘We are delighted to introduce our new Advanced Cancer Screening which is focused on detecting asymptomatic tumours in clients as early as possible, which as we all know is so important when it comes to giving diagnosed patients the best chance they can have for successful treatment. We know that early diagnosis is key to tackling this challenge, and we are pleased to offer clients a new way to access this.’

The new service is available at the company’s 9 Harley Street site, which provides one-stop diagnosis and treatment, including health screening and wellbeing services. It also operates a diagnosis and treatment centre at 25 Harley Street, as well as a hospital in Weymouth Street and the recently acquired Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford.