Sensyne extends partnership with Bayer

Sensyne Health has joined Bayer’s LifeHub UK to develop AI-enabled radiology to enhance patient outcomes, in an extension of its existing collaboration.

LifeHub UK forms part of a global network of Bayer innovation hubs and is designed to accelerate and optimise disease detection and data-driven drug discovery via AI-enabled imaging solutions.

The first LifeHub UK project will focus on the development of AI-enabled radiology solutions using Sensyne Health’s proprietary clinical AI technology platform to identify digital solutions for automated image evaluation.

The project will analyse research from three million anonymised, ethically sourced NHS patient records and imaging data provided through Sensyne Health’s partnerships with NHS trusts.

‘Initiatives like this are essential to quickly maximise the opportunity AI presents to improve patient care and accelerate medical research,’ said Paul Drayson, chief executive officer of Sensyne Health plc. ‘I’m delighted to be working with Bayer, extending our partnership to deliver the benefits of digital innovation directly to clinicians and patients.’

Kemal Malik, Bayer board member for innovation, said: ‘We firmly believe that artificial intelligence has transformative potential for healthcare, leading to enhancements in prediction, prevention and personalised treatments.

‘LifeHub UK’s roadmap is a perfect fit to Bayer’s Open Innovation strategy, which is designed to leverage places, programmes and partnerships – such as strategic alliances and joint ventures – in the life sciences fields of pharmaceuticals and agriculture.’

As reported in July, Sensyne Health and Bayer signed an initial two-year collaboration agreement to accelerate the development of new treatments using clinical artificial intelligence.