15,000 expected for dental treatment in Costa Rica

This estimate was given in a press release announcing the results of its annual survey of Costa Rican dental clinics and patients to rank the best dental clinics and dental specialists in the country.

Our 2019 survey indicates that more than 1,250 international dental tourism patients, mostly from the United States, arrive each month for the express purpose of receiving dental care in Costa Rica,” says James Madigan.

Madigan claims that Costa Rica has slowly and steadily built a reputation as a global destination for high quality dental care at affordable prices. He said that the country competes with other nations like Mexico, Thailand, India and Hungary to attract dental patients seeking affordable dental care.

Goodness Dental was selected as the 2019 Best Dental Clinic in the survey.

Global Clinic Rating, an international organisation ranking the top medical and dental clinics in the world, has also selected Goodness Dental as the top dental clinic in Costa Rica.