A new tourism strategy for Greece includes health tourism

A tourism politician has recently claimed that developing and capitalising on the potential of health and wellness tourism is a “top priority for the Greek tourism ministry”. Will talk turn into action?

The tourism ministry in Greece accepts the importance of drawing up a regulatory framework to ensure that opportunities provided by the health tourism sector generate results.The government claims that medical tourism forms an integral part of the government’s redesigned model for Greek tourism development and stresses the need for coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders.

The ministry wants to create trust through the certification of all health and wellness tourism services.

The new tourism strategy includes revising the legal framework that foresees the certification of health care providers according to international standards, offering incentives to investors interested in health tourism ventures, and the creation of clusters consisting of hospitals, medical centres and hotels as well as public-private partnerships.

It is as yet unclear how much of these plans will turn into action.