Diaverum partners with Polish kidney association to run camp for young renal patients

Diaverum, one of the leading renal care providers worldwide, is partnering with the Polish kidney association, Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Osób Dializowanych, to roll out the first pan-European summer camp in Krew, Poland. The camp provides an adventurous vacation to 22 children suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

In Camp Krew, young renal patients, who have already undergone a kidney transplantation or are scheduled to receive a kidney transplant in the near future, will come together to enjoy a holiday in a safe environment, without their medical condition being the centre of focus.

“Going on a revitalising vacation is very important for patients to escape their daily routines, even more so for children. We are partnering with the Polish kidney association to give these young renal patients the opportunity to enjoy summer without any difficulties,” explains Christine Buchberger, Director Marketing and Brand at Diaverum. “Since the campers all have a similar background, they will be able to easily connect and learn from the experiences of others on how to cope with their disease.”

Diaverum and the Polish kidney association are planning to establish a series of camps over the coming years to enable more children to attend and to improve their quality of life.

“The close cooperation with kidney or patient associations worldwide helps us to understand the needs of renal patients even better and develop tailored services for them – to empower renal patients to take an active role in their health, lead a life as close to normal as possible and to make them feel safe,” states André Freitas, Operations Director and global head of Diaverum’s d.HOLIDAY programme.