Airlines offer medical concierge services

Four airlines have teamed up with Medical Travel Companions (MTC) to offer a new private concierge and assistance service for all aspects of international travel, for a fee.

Four Lufthansa group airlines now offer a private medical travel companion service in partnership with MTC.

Under this new partnership, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is offering passengers with special needs a personal companion and medical assistance service before, during or after their flight, for a fee.

The new option provides a selection of individual service packages that the customer can book along with their flight, to meet their specific special requirements.

The service will provide the traveller with a qualified companion such as a nurse, a paramedic or a physician, depending on the package chosen. The companion assigned will help in case of medical needs and support the traveller on request for desired services before, during and after their flight for example, by accompanying them to a PCR test.

The new service is aiming at a broad target group, including families with young children, senior citizens and passengers with reduced mobility or medical issues who need assistance during their journey or are seeking more travel autonomy on their trip. The fees for a medical travel companion depend on the services requested and range from around CHF450-2,900 (US$500-3,200).

Other Lufthansa Group airlines that offer this service for a fee include Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa.

MTC has partnered with airlines, airports, governments, hospitals and HERE Mobility. MTC use qualified nurses and paramedics for non-emergency concierge services, and includes care from airport transit care, a local trip to the doctor or a three-week international holiday.