Aster expands hospitals in India and UAE

Alisha Moopen of Aster DM Healthcare has recently explained the firm’s expansion plans in India, which involves building new hospitals, and its plans in the UAE, which involve improving connected care options.

Aster DM Healthcare has a presence in seven countries with 29 hospitals, 120 clinics and 371 pharmacies.

As the UAE continues to grow into a leading destination for medical tourism, Aster believes the country is becoming increasingly important to ensure the sustainable development of quality healthcare that is both affordable and accessible. This makes the UAE extremely well placed strategically to manage a large part of the need for medical tourism patients because of its location and quality of healthcare. In the UAE, Aster’s focus is on connected care to provide patients with more choices.

Aster plans to build new hospitals in India but also expand telemedicine, digital health and online consultations.

Aster argues that many medical services can be moved online, but it is equally important to also acknowledge that certain medical services such as surgeries, operations, and complex diagnosis of conditions will still need in-person customised and personalised care.