Medical Tourism’s Rapid Expansion in Malaysia, Iran, and London

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council inked a memorandum of understanding with Hong Kong health firms, Amber Medical and Swindon Medical and Diagnostics, offering cheaper medical services for patients from Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

The move comes as part of Malaysia’s plan to enhance medical tourism revenues, which are forecasted to reach 2.5 billion ringgit by 2025.

In Iran, top officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health, and Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts have agreed to create a steering council to strengthen the country’s medical tourism sector. The council aims to streamline collaboration between various bodies responsible for medical tourism, with the goal of attracting six million medical tourists per year.

Meanwhile, London’s reputation as a hotspot for medical tourism is increasing, according to Annabelle Neame from HCA Healthcare UK. The city’s healthcare sector is reportedly ‘growing quickly’, providing exceptional services for high-net-worth individuals seeking elective and emergency surgeries. An emphasis on health as a crucial aspect of wealth management has also been noted, demonstrating the growing importance of access to quality healthcare.