Egypt & Philippines: Middle East’s New Health Hubs

Egypt and the Philippines are leveraging their unique resources to strengthen their positions in the medical tourism landscape.

In Egypt, Safaga, a Red Sea resort town, is drawing attention with its natural healing resources. The high salinity of Safaga’s water, combined with unique minerals from its coral reefs, offers effective treatment for various skin diseases. Visitors are also attracted by the black sand rich in minerals, considered beneficial for various ailments. As part of their service, hotels in Safaga provide designated beach areas for sand baths, medical teams, and assistive devices to accommodate these tourists. Moreover, Egypt’s other medical tourism spots like Bahariya Oasis, Kharga Oasis, and Siwa Oasis offer healing benefits from their sulphur water and mineral springs. However, to further enhance the industry, tourism experts have emphasized the need for developing facilities around these areas.

Simultaneously, the Philippines is striving to tap into the Middle East market, positioning itself as a prominent medical and wellness destination in Asia. The Department of Tourism is actively promoting medical tourism and wellness tourism to diversify from its well-known recreational attractions. It recently partnered with Dubai-based Agora Group to bolster its status in health and wellness tourism. The country has 23 health facilities accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care, where English-speaking staff provide affordable treatment. The presence of 2 million Philippine expats working in the healthcare sector in the Middle East has also given the Philippines a strategic advantage, as potential tourists from the region are already familiar with the level of care that Filipinos can provide.

Both Egypt and the Philippines are making strides in the global medical tourism industry, leveraging their unique natural resources, strategic geographical positions, and professional healthcare facilities to cater to health-conscious travelers.