Bali: a top medical tourism destination for Australians?

Bali plans to attract more Australians to the island by becoming a top destination for medical tourists who want cosmetic surgery. The Balinese government has injected funds to boost this sector, in the hope it will help the tourism-dependent island that struggled during pandemic.

The Balinese authorities have invested in a new aesthetic, wellness and anti-ageing centre at Sanglah Hospital, which is due to open in a few months. The construction of a new six-storey centre will begin soon.

Australians have been returning to Bali since March 2022, when the island reopened for the first time in nearly two years.

Tourism accounts for more than 50% of the Balinese economy.

One suggestion is that Australians on vacation in Bali could be offered cosmetic surgery.

Medical travel history suggests that people on holiday generally do not consider instant cosmetic surgery whilst there, and professionals argue that people should take time to consider the pros and cons of surgery.

Bali’s Sanglah Hospital’s marketing promises better treatments and procedures than what’s on offer in Thailand and Singapore.