Dental tourism to Hungary

Hungary has become a popular destination for dental tourists worldwide, claiming that 80% of medical tourists who go there seek dental treatment.

Hungary often claims, but never with supporting figures, that about 50% of all European foreign dental patients are directed to Hungary.

While low cost flights direct many to clinics in Budapest, many dental patients are actually from Austria, particularly border areas.

Treatment in Hungary is however cheaper than in other Western European countries.

The average price levels and income levels are much lower than in other EU countries. Consequently, the price of private health services is also lower. Dental care provided to foreigners is not subject to VAT.

Clinics specialising in dental tourism in Hungary can obtain significant discounts of up to 40% on materials from large companies such as Nobel, Starumann or Camlog. This also ensures a lower price for the high quality of the materials used.

On an average day, oral surgeons in a major clinic in Budapest claim to place 40-60 implants, and several dentists in several chairs do this work in one day.

Many dental travellers go to Hungary for cosmetic dental treatment. Others seek care in Hungary for health reasons, i.e. they have bad teeth or want to replace missing ones. They typically seek tooth replacement with implants, crowns, bridges or the popular All-on-4 solution. The latter means that in the case of a completely edentulous jaw, the dentist places 4 implants in one jaw and a denture or a complete bridge is placed on top. All-on-4 restores about 80-85% of the chewing power and stability of natural teeth for a person with no teeth at all.