Building Turkey’s medical tourism brand

Newly launched Medical in Turkey has said that it is seeking to make Turkish medical tourism a global brand. Its plan is to initially target the UK, Netherlands and Italy.

Medical in Turkey was developed in response to the needs of Turkish medical tourism. It is an IGEME project working with the aim of spreading a sustainable working model in Turkish medical tourism throughout Turkey. In cooperation with the country’s medical tourism stakeholders, it wants to make the destination a world brand for medical travel.

IGEME is a private consultancy that promotes medical tourism. It also helps medical tourism agents, clinics and hospitals achieve the required authorisation from the Ministry of Health to do business.

Medical in Turkey states that numbers of inbound medical travellers will increase but only if it can spread understanding of quality and reliable service throughout Turkey’s healthcare institutions.

Medical in Turkey has been designed with the aim of eliminating many problems of medical tourism such as communication, mobility, trust, service and collection.