Call to legalise egg donation in Germany

According to Deutsche Welle, a group of doctors in Germany is calling for new reproductive health laws in the country. They say that every year thousands of couples who want to have children get treatment abroad because the options available to them there are currently banned in Germany.

The article says that Germany’s Embryo Protection Act from 1990 forbids human egg donations, but it allows sperm donations. It also forbids women to act as surrogate mothers. The same applies in 12 other European Union member states.

Women in Germany, who want to have an artificial insemination, are required to have their own eggs removed prior to a procedure. One of the reasons for the ban on egg donations was a wish to protect potential donors. A female donor would have to undergo a long hormone treatment, and there are risks during the operation, which takes place under anesthesia.

The article claims it is said that legislators also wanted to hinder a commercialization of human egg donations.