Dubai prepares for the return of medical tourists

Hospitals and clinics in Dubai are reporting that overseas patients have started to contact them again. Many healthcare facilities in the city are providing telehealth and second medical opinions to keep in contact with customers. The Health Tourism Department of the Dubai Health Authority is beginning to send out the message that Dubai is open to receiving medical and health tourists across public and private hospitals.

The Dubai government’s key steps and actions in curbing the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in the UAE being declared as one of the safest destinations in the world. Given its ease of access from neighbouring countries, with the reopening of airports and visas for many nationalities, Dubai is ready to welcome medical tourists.

Mohamed Al Mheiri of the Health Tourism Department, Dubai Health Authority reports: “Dubai has now started to prepare for the return of medical tourists. The emirate is steadfast in its efforts to implement best practices that guarantee public security and safety in preparation for receiving medical tourists from different parts of the world, in conjunction with lifting restrictions that were imposed to limit the spread of Covid-19. Dubai has the key advantage of being close to most of its source markets.”