India: regular international flights resume

airplane fly on the blue painted map

Regular international flights to India are to resume from March 15. As inbound travel increases, the Union government plans to promote medical tourism through the Heal in India initiative.

The Union government is looking to promote India’s medical facilities and infrastructure under the Heal in India campaign, with plans to standardise processes and treatment packages for foreign nationals.

The name seeks to reframe the industry to steer away from the connotations that come with the tag medical tourism. Branding the process as Heal in India is to promote health care delivery services to patients from outside India.

One idea, not confirmed, is checks on pricing. The objective behind standardisation of packages is to ensure patients on medical visas for treatment are not overcharged. Different hospitals often quote different rates or monetary packages for almost similar procedures or treatment. A standardised package could narrow that variation. The practicalities of getting hospitals to agree to this are however significant.

The government also plans to have a certified grievance mechanism for international patients, where people can register their complaints.