Luxury hospital stays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an emerging medical tourism destination. One of the largest private hospitals in the country, Lanka Hospitals, is now offering luxury hospital stays for local patients and international medical travellers, via its new multi-million rupee hospital wing.

Lanka Hospitals has recently unveiled its multi-million rupee, luxury hospital wing. Known as the ‘7C Wing’, it is offering five-star healthcare facilities to cater to a mix of local patients and medical tourists.

Located adjacent to the hospital laboratory, the Lanka Hospitals say it will provide a holistic healing experience and diagnostics convenience. The new wing has been designed to replicate the comfort and luxury experienced in the best hotels.

Lanka Hospitals has a strategy placing greater focus on developing capabilities, complex procedures and providing a superior patient experience through high service standards.

It claims that, as a result of implementing infection control measures during the pandemic, the hospital has had a ‘substantial growth’ in the inflow of medical tourists and foreign patients.  This has included those on diplomatic missions, resident foreign nationals and medical travellers from the Maldives, due to its reciprocal support system.

Lanka Hospitals is a 350-bed multi-specialty tertiary care hospital, complete with a helipad. It is the only private medical facility in Sri Lanka equipped for air-ambulance services.

Hospitals in both the state and private sector in Sri Lanka are hoping to attract medical travellers.

Marking a milestone in hearing healthcare, the first ever simultaneous bilateral cochlear nucleus freedom series implant surgery was successfully performed at the state hospital, Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital.  The Cochlear implant is the most technologically advanced device available in the world and is an effective and long-term solution for people with moderate to profound hearing loss.  Sri Lankans, and medical travellers from neighbouring countries now have the opportunity to receive this treatment, without having to resort to foreign healthcare services further afield.