Medical tourism project for Phang-Nga, Southern Thailand

Property developer Cissa Group and V Plast Medical Group plan to spend THB3.5 billion (US$116m) for a wellness hospital and resort development, Natai Medical Centre & Resort. The medical tourism project will only proceed if it gets individual investors, with a starting investment of THB1 million (US$33,000) per person. Cissa will hold a 50% stake and V Plast 10%, with 40% sold to individual investors.

Natai Medical Centre & Resort will be on Na Tai Beach in Phang-Nga in southern Thailand. The resort is projected to cost THB2 billion and the medical centre THB1.5 billion. It has bought Natai Resort Hotel and is in talks to buy more plots nearby. The company wants to develop 30 new pool villas and 12 beach houses.

V Plast Medical Group plans to develop the medical centre in three phases. The first will be a clinic and wellness programme in early 2021, if a licence can be achieved. The second phase is a 30-bed hospital, while the third phase is a medical centre complex with a 100-bed hospital. The project is scheduled to be completed in two years and operational in 2023.

The medical centre will target medical tourists. The developers claim that average spending per person for medical tourism ranges from THB80,000-120,000 (US$2,600-4,000). Their wellness programmes will start from THB12,000 (US$400) baht per person.