Medical travel to Jordan is recovering

195,000 patients from foreign countries went for medical treatment in the Kingdom’s hospitals, medical centres, and clinics in 2021, according to the Private Hospitals Association (PHA).  It says that medical tourism statistics for 2022 marked a 25% growth compared to 157,000 in 2021; however, they still fell 20% short of 2019 figures, of 235,000. 

The main health services provided to foreign patients in 2022 consisted of cardiovascular surgery, bariatric surgery, IVF, cancer treatment, orthopaedics, spine surgery, urology, ophthalmology, and organ transplants.

Nationals of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, the Arab Gulf states, and other Arab countries made up the bulk of medical tourists to the Kingdom last year.

Jordan and Algeria have a new agreement where the governments will take the necessary steps to encourage investors and business owners to explore the investment and commercial opportunities in both countries, including in healthcare and medical tourism. To make this work there is a need for a direct Jordan-Algeria flight to bring in stakeholders to the two countries.

For a more detailed analysis of the medical travel sector in Jordan, visit the IMTJ Country Profile.