MHTC recognises need for quality accommodation in medical travel

There is a gap in the market when it comes to accommodation for medical travellers.  According to Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), this is a key component in the healthcare travel ecosystem and it wants to see hotels take on a more proactive role in Malaysia’s medical tourism industry.  It has highlighted the introduction of wellness suites at The Nobel Healthcare Park as revolutionary example of capturing the needs and demand for high quality accommodation in medical tourism.

Healthcare travellers require an environment that is post-treatment friendly and equipped with infrastructure to support the needs of these patients in place. Some of the necessary features include having wheelchair-friendly access, spacious rooms and toilet facilities not just in the patient’s room but also throughout the premises. There is also the need to have tailor-made dietary plans to meet their recovery needs. Patient’s companions will also have needs, such as efficient transportation, comfortable lodging, food service, shopping, and tourist activities.

MHTC is promoting KL Wellness City (KLWC) to investors, as an example of how quality accommodation can elevate Malaysia’s status as a leading destination for medical tourism.

The Nobel Healthcare Park in the KLWC consists of the medical, business, wellness and retail suites, and is linked to the planned International Tertiary Hospital.  With 624 beds, scalable to 1,000 beds, the hospital is estimated to commence operations in 2026. MHTC believes that the Nobel Healthcare Park’s Wellness Suites, whose design complies with regulations set by the local authorities and implements the Ministry of Health’s best practice guidelines, is a revolutionary concept.

Medical tourists generally require check-in assistance, meal plans for their nutritional needs, in-room support and easy access to medical providers, and not just comfort, convenience, and options for leisure activities during their stay. An efficient room design that is versatile enough to be used as a home, an office, or a short-term stay (for step-down care and healthcare traveller accommodations) is what they need and is being offered by The Nobel Healthcare Park’s Wellness Suites.

Owners of these Wellness Suites have the freedom to appoint any hospitality company to manage the suites or the KL Wellness City hospitality team to assist.