MTQUA identifies its 10 best hospitals and clinics for 2018

Centres identified in Germany, Lebanon and Jordan in the top 10 of best places for medical tourism in 2018, based on latest MTQUA survey of quality of medical treatment, safety and various other subjective non-clinical criteria.

  1. Since 2010 the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) annually lists what it regards as the best international hospitals and clinics for medical tourism.

MTQUA reviews hospitals in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas for excellence in treating and caring for medical tourists from around the world.

MTQUA conducts site visits and selects hospitals based on the quality of medical treatment and on several non-clinical factors including quality of care, communications, marketing, value for money, cultural and social sensitivity, privacy, safety, and leadership support of medical tourism.

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) is an independent international organisation and the top ten is its own view with no input from customers, so is subjective. The top 10 hospitals or clinics identified for 2018 are:

  1. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek Germany: Hamburg
  2. Clemenceau Medical Centre Lebanon: Beirut
  3. The Specialty Hospital Jordan: Amman
  4. Anadolu Medical Centre Turkey: Istanbul
  5. Samitivej Hospital Thailand: Bangkok
  6. Gleneagles Hospital: Singapore
  7. Prince Court Medical Centre Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  8. Shouldice Hospital Canada: Toronto
  9. Fortis Hospital India: Bangalore
  10. Carolina Medical Centre Poland: Warsaw