National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board for India

The central government of India will set up a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board to promote medical tourism in the country.

The National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board will report to the Ministry of Tourism and later to the new National Tourism Authority. It will encompass medical tourism, health and wellness tourism, yoga, Ayurvedic treatment, naturopathy, Unani and low-cost allopathic treatment. As well as ministry officials it will include other stakeholders such as hospitals, hoteliers, medical experts and tour operators.

Just launched is a new brochure to promote yoga as a tourism product- “India – The Land of Yoga”. The brochure contains details of various yoga centres in the country, as well as describing the differing types of yoga and the respective benefits.

The Ministry of Tourism has launched a helpline 1363 or 1800-111-363 to help foreign tourists and guide them on their arrival in India. The helpline is available in 12 foreign languages

Four official films aimed at the local tourism industry have been issued under the banner of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ across the country about ways to extend hospitality to tourists by adopting an honest and helpful attitude, as well as maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

All these initiatives are part of a tourism promotion in advance of the first national tourism plan for 14 years that will set up a National Tourism Authority to clearly separate policy making from execution of policy decisions. The new tourism policy will state the intent in a policy and detail how it will be implemented in an action plan with clear timelines and allocation as to who will execute the work. –