New wellness and treatment centre for Georgia

Georgia has a history of wellness tourism and seeks to upgrade facilities and then promote the sector. The privately owned Tskaltubo Spa Resort hotel has built a new wellness and medical treatment centre.

Georgia has a history of wellness tourism. When it was part of Russia it had many visitors from other USSR countries. But many of the state owned spa resorts and centres have been run down or closed since then, while others have opened under private ownership.

Tskaltubo was one of the most popular resorts during the Soviet times due to mineral radon waters. Of the 16 mineral spas only one remains, the now privately owned Tskaltubo Spa Resort hotel that has built a new wellness and medical treatment centre.

The country is doing well from tourism so wants to promote and develop spas and mineral springs in Tskaltubo, Utsera, Borjomi, Likani, Sairme, Abastumani and Akhtala.

Kohl & Partner was commissioned to produce a feasibility study on wellness tourism and the report mentions a wide range of opportunities for foreign investments – including in Tskaltubo alone: the construction of 9 hotels, medical and rehabilitation centres, spas and more. The Georgian National Investment Agency says that Tskaltubo resort has the potential to become the second largest spa resort in the world due to uniqueness of its water features. A new company will develop the town.

Another prospective resort for spa installations is in the Racha region, particularly, in the village of Utsera. Utsera is rich in mineral water resources and can become a departure point for hiking and other health-related outdoor activities. Invest in Georgia promotes the development of an 80-key, non-branded, midmarket hotel with spa and medical department with mineral water based treatment rooms called Medhotel Utsera. The tourist infrastructure in Utsera is yet to be developed.