Slovenia seeks to improve health quality to attract foreign patients

DNV is supporting Slovenian healthcare authorities in their drive to improve patient safety and quality of care. The first two certificates to the DNV international accreditation standard for hospitals have been issued in Europe to two hospitals in Slovenia.

DNV has awarded certificates to the University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases in Golnik and the University Rehabilitation Institute SOCA in Ljubljana. The certificates issued to the hospitals represent an important milestone: they are the first in Europe to receive the DNV international healthcare accreditation.

Slovenian president Danilo Turk commented, “One of the government’s goals is to strive for improvement in terms of access to quality healthcare with systematic regulation of health treatment quality and safety on the basis of internationally recognized quality management systems. The certificates awarded to the hospitals represent an important start of a long-term effort to enhance the standard of healthcare and patient safety.”

To prepare for the EU directive on patient mobility, which comes into effect in 2014, the Slovenian health authorities are encouraging hospitals to achieve accreditation according to an internationally recognised standard. Dr Dorjan Marusic, the Slovenian minister of health, commented, “In the future we can expect an increasing number of patients seeking healthcare services in neighbouring countries and other EU member states. This means we will have to ensure that a high level of safety and quality healthcare is provided to patients. With this in mind, accreditation, in the anticipated dynamic European framework, will both serve as model for keeping domestic patients in Slovenian hospitals and attracting foreign patients.”

Hospital accreditation is voluntary and is undertaken to document that the hospital meets defined standards related to patient safety and quality of care. The DNV international accreditation for hospitals is based on the DNV NIAHO accreditation programme used for accreditation of hospitals in the USA.DNV helps healthcare organizations reach maximum effectiveness and efficiency in its processes with the results of improved clinical performance, financial outcomes and operational processes through the ISO 9001 approach. DNV received authority for hospitals from the US Centres for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) in September 2008. Over 200 hospitals have switched to DNV Accreditation in the United States.

DNV Healthcare carries out annual assessments of the medical organisation, reviews clinical, management and environmental safety aspects and presents a professional evaluation report with opinions for continuous improvement. By implementing accreditation, DNV helps the hospital continuously improve the process by developing the best and most suitable model to achieve sustainable development.