Spain: mixing medical and heath tourism

One of Europe’s leading medical resorts,  SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain is open again.  It claims to be global pioneer of integrated medical and holistic wellness, merging ancient philosophies with the latest advances in Western medicine.

The clinic offers five health programmes and four focused packs, targeting some of the world’s most prevalent lifestyle illnesses, from detoxification and sleep recovery to stress management and healthy ageing. Guests have access to 30 full-time doctors, and specialists who work with cutting-edge technology. This scientific approach is integrated with an array of natural therapies, such as Traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a personalised nutrition plan aligned with the World Health Organisation, Harvard Medical School, to form the SHA’s 360-degree Method.

SHA Wellness Clinic also offers guests the chance to partake in the Healthy Living Academy, which aims to teach guests how to begin and maintain healthy habits in their daily life.