Temos expands services in Asia

German healthcare accreditation organisation, Temos International, is expanding access to its International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (ISQuaEEA) accredited standards to the Asian markets.  In a collaboration with Mr Henning Kalwa, it plans to grow its services in South East Asia and China, out of a new regional office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr Kalwa is a healthcare executive with more than 15 years’ experience working closely with international hospitals, clinics, medical professionals, healthcare experts, and patients.  Describing the collaboration, he says: “The systems that support patient care are complex and error-prone. Unfortunately, many organizations lack a comprehensive method to make them less so. I hope that healthcare organizations will utilize Temos to guide their efforts to improve their service quality, safety, reliability, and effectiveness.”

Temos CEO Dr Claudia Mika explains, “Treatment providers in Asia seek unique selling points to stand out in a very competitive medical tourism industry. Temos improves the quality of their services and, most importantly, builds trust with international medical travellers, assistance companies, and insurances. Henning Kalwa’s values, experience, and network in the region make him the perfect fit to accelerate Temos’ growth”.