“Why do you choose Belarusian medicine?”

Over one month, a customer survey was run by Med Travel Belarus: “Why do you choose Belarusian medicine – for its quality or low price?”. The result suggests that medical tourists go to Belarus for treatment because of the quality of medical services. Local medical travel players should take note.

According to the survey, 3,130 Russians answered that they go to Belarus for quality and 1,850 said that price is the reason. Patients from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the UK, Germany, and Israel mostly opt for Belarus because of quality.

Med Travel Belarus founder, Vladislav Androsov, argues that the result should push local market players to revise their strategies of promoting Belarusian medical tourism abroad.

More surveys are planned on whether patients prefer to receive treatment at Belarusian clinics or to undergo recuperation at health farms.

Belarus is increasingly popular has a medical travel destination in Eastern Europe. The most popular services are consultations, examinations and treatment (including surgery), plus dental care.

The agency says that every year 150,000 foreign nationals seek medical assistance in Belarus.