World Eye Hospitals in Turkey expands international eye clinic network

World Eye Hospital is the world’s largest private eye hospital group with nine clinics in Turkey, and four foreign ones (Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, and Heusden-Zolder in Belgium). It draws patients from all over through their extensive health-tourism packages and experienced medical staff. In 2008 the group cared for 25,000 foreign patients, and this is expected to reach 30,000 for 2009. Most overseas patients are from Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

The international marketing and operation department cares about international patients and prepares special medical tourism packages. These packages include flight, hotel accommodation, guide service, Bosporus trip or Grand bazaar trip, examinations, surgery and post operative controls. The most important reasons why foreign patients choose World Eye are the advanced technology, VIP service and special health treatment packages. The iLASIK procedure is now available in Istanbul Hospitals. iLASIK treatment packages include flight tickets and accommodation. World Eye boasts hospitals offering five star hotel comfort, and is able to provide health services at world-class standards to foreign patients. From coming to Turkey, to returning home, transport, transfer, accommodation, city tours, guidance, treatment and medications, all are covered. Foreign patients experience both life in Istanbul and have their eye operation at the world’s largest private eye hospital group. For religious ceremonies a mosque, a chapel and a synagogue are present.

To be close to international patients and so they can have pre- and post operative examinations, clinics have been established in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne and Belgium. During the next 6 months, additional new clinics will be opened in London, Bahrain, Kiev, Baku, Tirana, Bucharest and Moscow.

It has seven eye hospitals in Istanbul, one in Ankara and one in Izmi.It will open a new one in Tirana this month, and a very large one in Antalya in 2010. The Antalya hospital will be oriented on health tourism and patients will be able to stay at 5 star hotels with health packages for 1 week. More than ten Russian agencies have already begun to sell packages for the summer of 2010 for Antalya, as there will be a direct air route. As well as offering Lasik surgery, the company handles cataracts and glaucomas. Within Turkey, it runs mobile clinics and works for the public health service. World Eye is the first and only JCI accredited eye hospital in Turkey. It claims to be the pioneer of health tourism in Turkey. It offers special eye surgery and golf packages to overseas golf enthusiasts.

LASIK eye surgery rates have been cut by the recession in most countries. All this expansion costs money. Turkish group Dunya Goz Hastenasi, which trades as World Eye Centers, has an offer to sell a 25% stake to the National Bank of Kuwait that it is considering.