How much would you pay for a .com?


What’s a domain name worth? Especially in the growth business of medical tourism.

The Medical Tourism Association (of which my Company is a member) has recently announced that it is handling the sale of the domain name, on a commission basis. A reserve price of around $100,000 has been put on the sale.

Which raises the question of how you value a domain name and what is one actually worth?

The domain was originally owned by Sparrow Mahoney, who ventured into medical tourism after experiencing low cost surgery in Croatia after a car accident. Sparrow has now flown the medical tourism roost.The domain has been bought by a third party looking to make a fast buck.
Here’s a few recent domain sale prices in the health sector:

  • $27,500
  • $10,700
  • $4,595
  • $2,700

So, would you pay $100,000 for
There is certainly some value in the domain name.The words within a domain name can influence Google rankings, but it’s certainly not a major factor. There’s value in a domain name if it’s associated with a strong brand or an existing web presence.
With regard to

Bidding will take place at the World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress in San Francisco in September.Any offers?