We have just published an independent survey of medical tourism prices

Comparing prices to the cost of private treatment in the UK, the biggest savings in elective surgery to be made are on prostate removal in Bulgaria with an 82% cost reduction and gall bladder removal, saving 79%. Turkey also offers major package savings in six procedures from cataract removal and eye surgery to coronary angioplasty and partial knee replacement.

In cosmetic surgery, the biggest package savings of between 80 and 85% can be made on cheek implants, liposuction and facelifts. Bulgaria once again offered the greatest savings in 13 cosmetic procedures although Morocco is the cheapest place to go for breast augmentation.

Dental treatment – considered increasingly costly in the UK – is also under threat from other countries such as Latvia, Poland and Croatia. Package savings of up to 61% can be made on dental implants, 52% for wisdom tooth extraction and 44% for full acrylic dentures.

The report on medical tourism prices embraces elective surgery (e.g. hip replacement, knee surgery abroad), cosmetic surgery and dental treatment abroad.

The survey compiled data from 108 clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers in 30 countries, roughly a third of the estimated number of overseas hospitals and clinics promoting their services to the UK market.

A password protected downloadable PDF copy of the Treatment Abroad Price Watch Survey 2006 is available from Treatment Abroad.

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As Editor in Chief of International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) and a Healthcare Consultant for LaingBuisson, Keith Pollard is one of Europe’s leading experts on private healthcare, medical tourism and cross border healthcare, providing consultancy and research services, and attending and contributing to major conferences across the world on the subject. He has been involved in private healthcare, medical travel and cross border healthcare since the 1990s. His career has embraced the management of private hospitals in the UK, research and feasibility studies for healthcare ventures, the marketing and business development aspects of healthcare and medical travel and publishing, research and consultancy on cross border healthcare.