Financial struggles for care workers, survey reveals

Stephen Pattrick

More than a quarter of care workers (29%) are no longer able live on the money they earn, a survey by Newcross Healthcare and YouGov has revealed.

Findings also showed over a quarter (27%) of care workers are likely to leave the sector in the next 12 months, with 38% of those saying they are more likely to exit due to the rising cost of living.

More than one in ten (14%) admitted to not eating one or more meals a day, despite many (21%) working longer hours, while a quarter (25%) reported their clients had stopped turning the heating on.

Of care workers with a negative experience of the sector, understaffing (75%) was the most common reason.

‘Working in the care sector, we see the scale and impact of this crisis every day, but we hope that seeing this and its causes laid out in black and white will clarify the solutions required and be a wake-up call to both the sector and the government,’ said Newcross Healthcare chief executive Stephen Pattrick.

‘Resourcing is fundamental to this crisis and if we’re going to alleviate that we need to make sure that care workers and potential recruits to the sector are offered fair pay, proper training and education, flexibility, wellbeing and mental health support and career progression, and know how important and essential the work that they do is to society.’

Separate surveys found only 20% of UK population would consider a career in the sector, while 67% would not. With low pay (56%), ‘off-putting’ nature of the work (48%), long hours and stress (both 41%) named as the top reasons people would not consider a job in care.

Analysis of the workforce by Newcross consisted of three separate YouGov surveys – one of 1,009 care workers; one of 2,341 UK adults; and another of 1,837 UK adults.