8 wellness trends for 2017

The Global Wellness Summit has identified eight trends for 2017 in the $3.7 trillion wellness industry. Sauna reinvented, Wellness architecture, Silence, Art and creativity, Wellness remakes beauty, Mental wellness, Mental wellness, Cancer, Beyond the ghettos.

The Global Wellness Summit has identified eight trends for 2017 in the claimed $3.7 trillion wellness industry:

  • Sauna reinvented

Something both hot and very cool: the reinvention of sauna. There are sauna aufguss events where sauna meisters conduct theatrical performances of infusions, song and dance. And hip, social amphitheatre or hangout saunas such as Helsinki’s new high-design Löyly sauna complex or Scotland’s new loch-side Hot Box with DJ and bar. There are pop-up saunas floating on lakes or hanging from bridges. Trendy urban sweat lodges offer infrared sauna treatments. No longer a solitary experience, the new, spectacular saunas are social.

  • Wellness architecture

We have living buildings that grow their own energy; responsive architecture that tailors indoor health experiences; phone apps alerting people when entering a sick building; and dawn-simulating lighting.

  • Silence

Wellness destinations are embracing a dramatic approach to turning off the noise: true silence. The first completely silent spa with church-inspired architecture has opened at Austria’s Therme Laa Hotel. New wellness monasteries are on the rise: retreats opening in, and infused with the silent, contemplative values of, ancient sacred spaces – such as Italy’s Eremito, with no WiFi/phone signal and silent, candlelit dinners. Germany’s Brenner’s Park has installed digital kill switches for totally silent rooms. And silent restaurants, salons, gyms, stores and airports are all being opened.

  • Art and creativity

The creativity-wellness-spa connection is making a comeback: with more art, music, literature and dance at the centre of more wellness experiences. Germany’s famed spa resort; Schloss Elmau has musicians and writers offering 200 concerts a year. There is live classical violin while taking the waters at the UK’s new Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel. There are painting classes under the stars – as well as multi-sensory experiences, from sound baths to yoga concerts.

  • Wellness remakes beauty

Beauty is remaking itself to meet the needs of a wellness-oriented population obsessed with authenticity and inner beauty. With many eatable/drinkable beauty-boosters and clean, organic cosmetics – plus medical evidence for a new neuroaesthetics (the brain is wired to respond to beauty) – the beauty comes from within concept will keep gaining.

  • Mental wellness

When it comes to mental wellness, our world has a problem: depression and anxiety is skyrocketing. There will be healthier mind approaches. Wellness retreats and spas are adding neuroscientists and psychotherapists.

  • Cancer

The wellness world is waking up to the needs of cancer patients. Julie Bach’s pioneering wellness for cancer programme means wellness companies/spas are trained to deliver comfort and dignity to cancer sufferers. Wellness practitioners are opening their healing practices to cancer patients.

  • Beyond the ghettos

More wellness businesses will offer money to the poor. A new wave of low-cost wellness offers affordable healthy supermarkets and spa chains.