Croatia ready to open for tourists

Croatia is ready to welcome foreign tourists, health tourists and medical tourists, and the Croatian Tourism Association is optimistic about the 2021 tourist season.

Tourism in Croatia’s National Development Strategy 2030 is recognised as a strategic branch and the goal is to keep Croatia among the leading European tourist destinations in terms of safety, quality, added value, sustainability, and innovation.

The country has widely reopened its Adriatic coastline for foreign tourists, becoming one of the first European countries to drop most of its pandemic measures. Now, the ability of people to go there depends on each country’s outbound travel rules.

Croatia, a European Union member, is letting in tourists from the United States, most of Europe and beyond who hold a vaccination certificate, or proof of a negative test or having recovered from COVID-19. Health officials set these measures weeks before the EU decided to soon allow fully vaccinated foreign travellers from countries deemed safe into the 27-nation bloc.

Croatia heavily depends on tourism; 20% of its revenue comes from foreign visitors during the summer.

“Safe Stay in Croatia” has been introduced by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for hotels and tourist accommodations that implement health and hygiene standards.