Croatia’s dental care for digital nomads

A Dubrovnik based digital nomad agency, Adriatic SeaChange, has partnered with Zupa Dental Service to offer heavily discounted private dental surgery for digital nomads and all other expats in Croatia. Anyone living in Croatia for more than three months must have state health insurance, but this does not include dental care.

Croatia is becoming a popular destination for a growing number of digital nomads, after the country introduced a special 12-month visa for them.

Digital nomads often spend long periods of time in a country, and subsequently have slightly different requirements than tourists.  It is unclear whether countries count digital nomads as medical tourists, or expats, in their medical travel statistics.

Croatia defines a digital nomad as a third-country national who is employed or performs work through communication technology for a company or own business that is not registered in Croatia and does not perform work or provide services to employers in Croatia. There is a minimum monthly income requirement

The Croatian government amended the Aliens Act regulating digital nomads’ right to healthcare, allowing them to exercise their right to healthcare. A Foreign Nationals Act allows digital nomads temporary stay in Croatia.

Temporary stay is granted for up to a year and it cannot be extended. A new application for regulating a stay of digital nomads can be submitted 6 months after the expiry of the previously granted temporary stay of digital nomads. Close family members of a digital nomad who have been granted temporary stay in Croatia may join them in Croatia.

Adriatic SeaChange helps with visas and paperwork, rental and local culture information. It has teamed up with a leading private dental surgery in Dubrovnik, the Zupa Dental Centre to offer nomads, and any expats, a substantial discount on dental treatment.

Dental tourism in Croatia is popular as its dental surgeries offer a high level of service at much more reasonable prices than in many other European countries.