Czech Tourism launches spa marketing campaign

To support its ailing spa industry, Czech Tourism has renewed its marketing activities in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. It focuses on attracting German tourists to spa and wellness facilities. European health tourists are allowed now, but not yet those from Russia or Asia.

The return of Czech spa centres to normal has slowed down due to the lack of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Despite the easing of restrictions related to COVID-19, many spa hotels remain closed and are not planning to reopen in the near future, because they lack clients.

Some private spas are part of the state healthcare system but others depend solely on foreign customers and private patients.

The Karlovy Vary region in East Bohemia is likely be the hardest hit by the lack of foreign guests. The Czech Tourism marketing focuses on attracting German tourists to spa and wellness facilities in the Karlovy Vary region, which will face the absence of its traditional clientele from Russia and Asian countries.

A government plan to promote domestic tourism will begin with wellness stays at spas. Spa visitors will receive up to 40% off the price of procedures and expenses associated with a visit to the spa, up to a maximum of CZK4,000. A minimum six-day spa stay is required.

Discounted spa visits are part of a larger action plan to support domestic tourism.

A new campaign ‘Holiday in the Czech Republic’ gives holidaymakers incentives to enjoy attractions at home, versus traveling abroad.