Egypt healthcare accreditation partnership

Accreditation organisation, Temos International has signed an agreement with the General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation and Regulation of Egypt (GAHAR) to develop accreditation of healthcare facilities in the country.

The two accreditation bodies will look to advance Egypt’s healthcare quality and safety framework serving domestic and international patients.

Part of Egypt’s vision 2030 is to raise the efficiency and quality of healthcare services in the country.  Temos will provide international perspective and worldwide experience to support GAHAR’s role in developing the necessary standards for the accreditation of the healthcare facilities. Together they will also raise further awareness of the importance of medical tourism through organising shared events and initiatives.

After achieving a GAHAR accreditation, hospitals and clinics in Egypt will be able to pursue a Temos medical tourism specialised accreditation via a shortened accreditation process, with fewer Temos standards and reduced accreditation fees but full access to the Temos International Alliance and the Temos Academy.

“Egypt has long and excellent experience in the field of tourism. Now, Egypt is starting a great and promising but long journey in medical tourism. GAHAR and Temos International have set the course for the healthcare sector to get ready to receive medical travellers from all over the world.” says Temos CEO, Dr Claudia Mika.