Enayati Medical City opens

The first medical city in Romania, Enayati Medical City, has opened in northern Bucharest. A €60million investment project of Wargha Enayati, the former owner of private health care operator Regina Maria, the city targets the growing senior market both in Romania and nearby countries.

Enayati Medical City includes several hospitals with a total capacity of 300 beds, surgery rooms, radiotherapy & PET CT facilities, a recovery and physiotherapy centre, and a clinic with 60 medical practices covering specialties ranging from family medicine to integrative medicine.

It includes an oncology and recovery hospital, operated by the Monza Group, with six operating rooms and 100 beds, of which 18 are for intensive care, and bunkers for radiotherapy, PET-CT, and nuclear medicine operated by Neolife.

Enayati Medical City took two years to build, from the permit phase to the opening last month. The clinic has an operating geriatrics hospital with 130 beds, while the oncology hospital will open at the end of March.