Encouraging medical travel to Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), in partnership with the Rehman Medical Institute and SkyTravel and Tours, has introduced a medical tourism service, to facilitate access for patients from Afghanistan to cost-effective and quality healthcare facilities in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan has recently started taking strategic measures to revive inbound medical tourism.

The initiative between the Rehman Medical Institute and Sky Travel and Tours is also being seen as a way to enhance the bilateral relationship between the neighbouring counties.

Rehman Medical Institute will provide a range of health services to patients from Afghanistan. In addition to cost-effective and timely medical care, they will also be offered an e-consultation with doctors and air ambulance facilities.

Afghan patients will be issued free medical visas to Pakistan. It will be conditionally issued on the basis of a confirmed ticket with PIA.

PIA has expanded its daily flights from three to five to accommodate more visitors.

The health care system in Afghanistan is facing many challenges due to a shortage of qualified doctors, equipment and medical institutes.

Pakistan is the top destination for Afghan medical tourists due to common culture, language and less expensive treatments than anywhere else in the region.

The Rehman Medical Institute is a 500-bed hospital in the Khyber city of Hayatabad catering for patients from Pakistan and Afghanistan. SkyTravel and Tours is a travel agency based in Islamabad, Pakistan.