Ever Healthcare launches global medical tourism platform

Thailand based Ever Healthcare has launched a global medical tourism platform.

Ever Healthcare has stated that its global medical tourism platform will offer patients variety, affordability, and reliability in their healthcare.

Patients to the site are provided with a variety of curated options, giving them the freedom to choose from 1,000+ procedures by 200+ highly accredited clinics and hospitals worldwide. Patients can compare, consult, and book the treatments anywhere, anytime. The platform has filtering tools and intelligent AI/machine-learning that help patients find what they’re looking for.

Ever Healthcare has staff in 10 countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Mexico, the U.S.A, and South Korea.

The company claims that, on average, patients visit over ten websites and read twenty articles on a treatment before being able to make a decision and believes that its curated list of hospitals and clinics gives makes it easier for patients to choose from hundreds of healthcare providers. Each medical destination’s details, photos, accreditations, physician specialisations, and reviews are available.