Fiji’s first private hospital sold to India

Fiji’s first private hospital has been sold to an Indian group, and medical tourism is planned.

Fiji’s first private hospital has been sold to an Indian group. More specialist medical services and modern equipment will be made available in Fiji. The hospital was bought by Indian hospital, MIOT (Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology) International.

MIOT Pacific Hospitals, formerly known as Suva Private Hospital, is undergoing a $14m development that will see the construction of a modern diagnostic centre at the hospital. MIOT Pacific will become a 350-bed multi-speciality hospital.

There will be a medical tourism option for it depending on what sort of services they are going to provide. The government wants to market Fiji as a medical tourism destination, but lack of facilities prevents progress.

MIOT International warns that the local healthcare must be corrected first and highlights the need have more development of medical professionals in Fiji, particularly specialised training. It will import Indian doctors but also wants to train Fijians to treat Fijians.