Growing Bali as a health and medical tourism destination

The government of Indonesia intends to develop the Sanur region in Bali Province as a Special Economic Zone focused on health, particularly to attract senior citizens.

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of Indonesia, Erick Thohir, has said the Indonesian Government will build the Sanur area in Bali into a Health Special Economic Zone focusing on medical and health tourism serving elderly tourists.

Sanur is a coastal town and popular resort in the south of Bali. There are 41 hectares of land ready for development, but it needs the national government, state enterprises, and local as well as global investors to synergise their efforts. 21.2 hectares will be allotted for creating a health tourism hub with various facilities, including an international hospital, ecopark, commercial area, art market, hotel and hospitality school.

The government has encouraged the development of health and medical tourism, in a plan that is expected to attract tourists and boost health facilities in Indonesia. It is also looking to develop health facilities and health tourism in the country by helping investors to open international hospitals.

The Indonesian Medical Tourism Board has agreed that there is potential for Bali to become the preferred destination of medical tourists who used to travel to Singapore or Malaysia for their treatment. The plan is also to turn Bali into a training centre for Indonesian medical staff in cooperation with Japanese partners.

The development of health tourism in the country will likely reduce the number of Indonesians travelling overseas to seek medical treatment.