Iran to set up state medical travel agency in Oman

Iran’s southern province of Fars is to establish a state-owned medical tourism agency in the neighbouring country of Oman.  The province is looking to target more patients from Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

39 authorised clinics and hospitals in Khorasan Razavi, the North Eastern province of Iran, have earned special certificates to provide services to international travellers. They all have international patient units, whose task is to coordinate the provision of diagnostic and treatment services to foreign patients. 17 hospitals, three limited surgery centres and 19 clinics in the province have been licensed to accept medical tourists. In addition, five hospitals and three clinics are in the process of receiving International Patient Department (IPD) licenses if they reach the standards needed to provide services to medical tourists.

To accept patients from Oman to Fars province and provide services to these medical tourists, there are plans to establish a company with the shareholdings of five province’s IPD certified hospitals in Oman.

The province is currently hosting a large percentage of Omani health tourists, but this project would be able to host more patients from other Gulf countries, including Qatar and Kuwait.

Fars province needs a specific medical travel destination brand to attract more patients. In June, the province announced that the number of international travellers who received medical services in Fars province’s hospitals hit a record high during the first two months of the current Iranian calendar year.

The number of medical travellers to Fars jumped 250% and 550% respectively in Farvardin (Mar. 21-Apr. 20) and Ordibehesht (Apr.21-May 21) in comparison to the same months in 2021.

According to statistics, hospitals of Fars province admitted 10,500 foreign medical travellers and received some 5,000 international outpatients last year (ended Mar. 20).