Latest clinics to be GHA certified

Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami have been awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation’s (GHA) certification with COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programmes, which helps organisations in the medical tourism industry to mitigate the risk of infection for traveling patients and their companions.

The GHA Guidelines focus on the entire care continuum, including interactions with the healthcare organisation, hotel, and ground transportation.

The Certification of Conformance for hospitals and ambulatory centres is a three-year certification with annual reviews, which signals to medical travellers, referrers, and other payers that the organisation has implemented the recommendations in the guidelines as a proactive risk mitigation strategy to ensure patient safety and well-being during and post-COVID-19. Embedded within the certification process is online training for staff to familiarise themselves with the guidelines and certification process.

Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic is a leading dental clinic in Thailand, and has a partnership with Dr. Paulo Malo’s Dental Group, a large international network of dental clinics.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is the first children’s hospital to achieve GHA accreditation and is South Florida’s only licensed specialty hospital exclusively for children. The 309-bed hospital specialises in paediatric medicine.