Malaysia targets Qatar and Azerbaijan for medical tourism

Saloma Link bridge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is looking to extend its network of target countries, to develop medical travel. The Malaysian Embassy in Qatar has said it is seeking potential collaboration in the country in the healthcare sector. Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) has also said it sees Azerbaijan as a new source of medical tourists.

Malaysia is looking to encourage collaborations with healthcare businesses in Qatar.

Its embassy in Qatar, together with MHTC, recently hosted a webinar focusing on the topic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in thalassaemia. Tourism Malaysia also held a roadshow in Doha in May that brought together Malaysia’s travel agents, hotels, medical tourism players, with locals.

Another target country for MHTC is Azerbaijan, where Malaysia seeks to increase the number of medical tourists.  It says it is seeking to network with healthcare providers in this region, particularly with private hospitals.

The Azerbaijan Tourism Board has also said it wants to learn some of the strategies how Malaysia promotes its tourism and healthcare services.

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, like Malaysia. So there is potential to promote medical services that are Muslim-friendly.