Medical travel? It’s not just about India and Turkey.

Medical tourism agency, Mespoir, has said it is expanding operations to include hospitals in Spain, the USA, Egypt, Tunisia and Germany, stating it is increasingly getting requests for treatment in countries other than India and Turkey.

Mespoir’s website offers a data bank with information and statistics about hospitals, doctors, and medical procedures. With a focus on keeping the average length of stay low, patients can obtain medical care in a streamlined way and leave hospitals relatively early.

While travelling for medical treatment, Mespoir’s airport pickup and drop-off service takes patients to and from the airport. It also provides inexpensive accommodation options, with rates as low as US$20 per day for two guests. Daily transportation from the hotel to the hospital is also covered.

Mespoir also offers visa assistance, SIM cards with unlimited calling, and guaranteed currency exchanges at the lowest possible cost across its medical travel destinations.