Spain’s Asisa in first international dental network in UAE

Investment holding company Faisal Holding has signed a joint venture with Spanish dental giant Asisa Group to grow a network of clinics in the UAE. They claim it is the first international dental network to be launched in the UAE market.

The project, which has a working title of Faisal Holding Asisa Dental Network, will first be operational in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and intends to expand across the UAE. It aims to cater both to local and expat residents of the emirates.

“Our research and development team have studied the markets and have identified the gaps in the healthcare industry,” said Brett Schafer, chief executive officer of Faisal Holding and director of Faisal Holding Dental Network. “With our UAE market know-how and along with Asisa’s expertise in dental care, the joint venture will guarantee quality dental care which sets us apart from existing dental services. This is the first international dental network which will be launched in the UAE market,” he added.

Asisa Group is the largest medical corporation in Spain with one of Europe’s largest dental networks of solely owned clinics – Asisa Dental. The clinics will be operational in a couple of months, which is when the networks brand name will also be announced.