UK hotel launches cancer treatment partnership

The Aztec Hotel and Spa in Bristol, UK, part of the Daniel Thwaites Spa Group, is working alongside Amethyst Trust to create inclusive treatments for those with cancer. The spa will deliver specialist treatments for people with cancer and other life limiting conditions.

People living with cancer need tailored treatments and are advised to avoid deep tissue massage. Cancer therapies can also lead to weakened bones and circulation, so specialist advice is needed to ensure all those having touch therapy are in trained hands.

Amethyst is a charitable trust established to meet the needs of the public who have had treatment for cancer and are seeking massage, relaxation and pampering therapies. Working with the Amethyst Trust, The Aztec Hotel and Spa therapists have been trained to provide professional massage therapy safely.

The Amethyst Trust Training has its Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care (SATCC) accreditation, which is given to spas that are qualified and trained in cancer care therapies.